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Log in with your given cPanel details -> Search for QatarCloud website builder -> logo of QatarCloud -> do the changes -> activate tab.



Go to Pages -> All pages -> Do your desired changes & then click “Publish”.

Free Popular Website Builder

QatarCloud Host Web Hosting customers can now build an HTML5 website that looks great on computers and mobile devices, without writing code, and without incurring any additional cost. Evaluate frequently asked questions, and the many website builder features that are included with our free template-based drag-and-drop website design platform. Build your website today with our free Website Builder. Sign up for web hosting if you do not have an active account.



No website design or programming experience is required. Easily transform your well-conceived content into a custom website, with the drag-and-drop editor.



Website Builder includes a wide variety of modern tools, industry-specific options, and no additional costs. Take donations or open your online store today.

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Access the free Website Builder with any active Web Hosting account. Build a new website, or update your website regularly at no additional cost.

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Functionality and Features

Implementing a shopping cart and modern website functionality is made easy with tools and widgets designed for specific types of businesses or organizations. Choose the Website Builder features that will make you website work for you. View Features

Modern Bold Templates

Choose from (+90) industry-based Website Builder templates with easy drag-and-drop customization, and designed specifically for restaurants, clubs, salons, churches, pubs, real estate offices, physicians offices, hotels, schools, and more. View Templates

Website Builder Features


Responsive HTML5 Websites

Create HTML5 websites (up to 100 pages) that look great on both computers and mobile devices, without writing code. Add images to brighten pages and tell stories, showcase audio and music or display videos. People browse websites on phones as often as computers.

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Appointment and Events Scheduler

Automate and manage appointments online using with a simple yet powerful appointments tool. Schedule and share all events and important activities with your site visitors quickly! Includes Maps to display location and driving directions!

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Image Gallery and Library

Now you can showcase your images in stunning image galleries. You can also write notes for each of the images and display them in 10 easy to navigate categories. Image library of stunning copyright free images that you can use for your website.

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Online Store Builder

Sell your products and accept donations online with Website Builder Online Store. Easy-to-build product pages make getting your goods online simpler for no-technical businesses and organizations. Credit and debit card transactions are managed through your 2Checkout or PayPal account, configure sales tax, manage shipping and more.

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SEO and Social Media Integration

Website builder tools and widgets make it possible to be found on search engines like Google, and also to connect quickly and easily to social media platforms. Update your browser title, add meta keywords and descriptions that help search engines understand and rank your site. Link to Facebook and Twitter directly from your website.

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Website Builder FAQ:

QatarCloud Host offers access to a free, easy-to-use website builder with every active web hosting plan. Choose from the powerful HTML5 business template builder for maximum customization or select from a variety of website category templates. Build your site with little or no previous experience. Drag-and-drop images, add functionality and craft your text to make your website informative, purposeful and attractive.
Accept credit cards online for purchases or donations. It’s easy to build a shopping cart right-inside the website with our template-based tool; create and design product pages with the expected creative and business features, configure sales tax, manage shipping and more. Credit and debit card transactions are managed through your 2Checkout or PayPal account.
The Business Template is our most powerful, customizable and popular website builder. Other powerful templates have been customized for specific business-categories and make it easy to build a website for your Restaurant, Club, Salon, Church, Pub, Real Estate, Doctor, Hotel, School, and more. Many templates include HTML5 builder with drag and drop designs, and there are many features including tools and widgets tailored to the specific industry.
Customer support for website builder functionality is available directly through the website builder admin page. Customer support for website builder functionality and all other QatarCloud Host services is also through the live chat feature which is always accessible via the QatarCloud Host website.
No, nor would we recommending maintaining two different versions of the same website. Website Builder is specifically designed to make things easy by building one website that can be share content and be viewed easily across multiple screens and devices.
Yes, Website Builder includes an embed widget to add AdSense so that you can get paid when someone clicks an advertisement on your website. Contact customer support directly through the website builder admin page, or QatarCloud Host live chat feature, to determine how to integrate AdSense or your chosen advertising platform.
You do not need to use an FTP client to upload your website and make changes, you can publish through FTP within the website builder (see instructions below). When you begin setting up your website builder, you will be provided an opportunity to connect via FTP if you wish so that you can add or change information in the “root” or a “test” folder on the server. For most customers it is usually not a practical requirement to connect via a third-party FTP client.
The free Website Builder provides a organic search engine optimization (SEO) tool which makes it easy to improve SEO performance and improve the chances of appearing on Google without paying for advertising. Google is a search engine and competition for organic search engine result page (SERP) ranking. Websites are ranked and appear on Google either as an organic SERP result, or as a pay-per-click (PPC) text or display ads on the AdWords network. You cannot guarantee a 1st page presence without outbidding competitors on AdWords. Organic search ranking on Google is not for sale, but is determined by factors interpreted by the Google algorithm. First page search ranking for keywords locally may be possible based on many factors including competition and desired keywords.
The Website Builder requires minimal setup and must be associated with a live domain and active web hosting account. Once the domain is added via FTP within the Website Builder (or via a third-party FTP client), you can publish your new website (or changes to your existing) website, simply by clicking the “Site PUBLISH” button at the top of the Website Builder editor.


If this is the first time you’ve published your website, and you have not previously added and associated a domain, clicking the “Site PUBLISH” button will yield a popup window directing you to the “Member Login Section”.


Once inside the Member Login Section you will be provided an opportunity to select the link: ‘Add Domain’, and submit your FTP information. Note that you must have an FTP account previously set-up to publish your website; follow this link to create an FTP Account in cPanel.


Enter your FTP login information. In the “Host Address” field enter your domain name. In the username and password fields enter your FTP username and password.

If you don’t know or remember your FTP username and password you can get it from the QatarCloud Host dashboard “Websites & Domains” area. Choose the “FTP Access” option and recover or reset the information. If you reset the username and password information in the dashboard you will have to reset it in the Website Builder platform to publish.

Leave the ftp with TLS/SSL option unchecked.

Click the Verify Connection button. This is required you can’t select a publish directory in the next step if you don’t click this.



Provided the FTP login information was correct you should see connection verified successfully.

Select public_html in the publish directory drop down menu. Then type your domain name into the domain name URL box.

Click submit.



You should get a message at the top telling you it was successfully updated. click the x to close the popup window.


Click edit.


Now that the domain is setup click publish again. This is all you’ll need to do from this point forward.


It’ll take a little time to publish the site then you’ll see the completed message and you can click the link to view the site.