Java hosting

The maturity of the platform technology was recognized by Java and Qatar Cloud platform can assure to get started easily with a broad functionality of lists.

PHP Hosting

Let’s take a journey to PHP cloud hosting within Qatar Cloud PaaS, its chief peculiarities, winning points, and rich possibilities provided for the efficient running of applications.

Node.js Hosting

Switch to the Node.js tab, select the required engine version for your application server and add any other software stack required. If needed, adjust other parameters, such as cloudlets and nodes count, Public IPv4 and IPv6, etc.

Ruby Hosting

Qatar cloud PaaS provides an out-of-box integration of the Ruby web servers, providing all the management and automatization tools (e.g. Ruby on Rails web-development framework) for comfortable hosting and maximally convenient Ruby application development.

Python Hosting

Switch to the Python language tab and select the desired engine version. We provides an out-of-box integration of the scalable Apache application server dedicated specially for the Python-based applications hosting.

Go Hosting

Switch to the Go engine tab, add Golang as your application server and any other software stack required for your project (e.g. load balancers, databases or shared storage). If needed, adjust your environment nodes count, cloudlet limits for RAM and CPU, attach Public IPs, etc. With Qatar Cloud PaaS you can easily bind an external (custom) domain name to your Go application to be used instead of the default environment domain. Depending on the used entry point, there are two options:


Create a website in minutes. Hosting Business with Scalable Clustered Solutions. Geo-distributed WordPress cluster with scalable servers, replicated databases and synchronized data storage.


Be part of world’s largest market place and do your selling seamlessly. Being deployed in a single-click manner, the Magento Cluster runs a complex container-based failover topology.


Running Containerized Applications in the Cloud. Advanced features to make containers hosting smooth and scalable. Securely build, share and run modern applications anywhere.


Provision the Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds and on-premises with full interoperability and no vendor lock-in. automatically scale them vertically and horizontally easily achieving high availability across data centers. New workers are automatically connected to the cluster. Manage the multi-region and multi-cloud workloads via a single panel with intuitive UI, as well as automate the DevOps processes with open API and Cloud Scripting.

Elastic VPS

QatarCloud PaaS solves such elasticity problem through the implementation of the so-called Elastic VPS stacks. They are offered on top the three different OS types - CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows - allowing to choose the one, which suits your specific requirements the most.